Learn to Snorkel (Junior)

Learn to snorkel with HGSAC. Your subscription includes 12 months' club membership, all training to qualify as a BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller (see course outline below), free equipment hire whilst you are training (fins and mask), BSAC membership, monthly SCUBA magazine, access to exclusive member rates on skills development courses, access to the club RIBs and more!

What does the BSAC Snorkeller qualification involve?

Snorkelling is open to everyone – young and old – and is an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved in the underwater world. For both children and adults, snorkelling is a great introduction to underwater sports and can be the first step towards scuba diving. On completion of the course, you should be competent in the safe and correct use of mask, fins and snorkel for surface snorkelling and brief breath-holding dives, in sheltered water


To enrol on the BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller course you must be 8 years or older.

A basic level of comfort in the water is important and you will have to demonstrate that you can swim.


Qualification and what that means:

The BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller qualification is awarded on successful completion of all of the following levels:

  • Bottlenose Dolphin – basic water confidence
  • Clymene Dolphin – clearing mask and snorkel underwater, surface dives
  • Spinner Dolphin – fitting and clearing mask and snorkel
  • River Dolphin – finning techniques, feet first dives, buddy rescue
  • Dusky Dolphin – fitting fins, finning with mask and snorkel
  • Striped Dolphin – entries and exits, finning in a buddy pair Dolphin Snorkeller
  • Risso’s Dolphin – skills assessment
Duration: 1 year
Price: £25.00

12 month's membership, including:

  • Snorkelling lessons
  • Club activities
  • Monthly magazine

12 month's membership, including:

  • Snorkelling lessons
  • Club activities
  • Monthly magazine

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