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Try Diving

Try Diving

Learn to dive with us.

Ready to jump in and start learning to dive? Get in contact to book a try-dive or start your training.

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You can find members of HGSAC out diving most weekends through the year. When the weather and tides don't permit sea diving we use a selection of local sheltered quarries.

In addition to day and impromptu trips which regularly run, a number of longer trips are arranged annually, suitable for all budgets and qualifications. From Scapa Flow, Oban and St Abbs in the north to Plymouth and Portland in the south - and everywhere in-between.

Club members also head off internationally too, to dive sites around the world and explore once-in-a-lifetime dive locations.

With dives ranging from wreck and technical diving to reef and photography diving, there's something for everyone. So no matter your interest or ability, we bound to have trips you can participate in!

Already qualified with another organisation? HGSAC is the perfect club for you! We welcome and recognise divers of all qualifications and backgrounds. Club training is only provided under the BSAC scheme, however you are more than welcome to stay and dive as a qualified diver under your existing certifications.

Celebrating the New Year - HGSAC Style!

The Spirit of BSAC Divers

Recent Club Trips

13 Nov 2021
Clyde Wrecks Weekend - Postponed due to COVID-19. New 2021 dates.
30 Oct 2021
Farne Islands Oct 2021
23 Oct 2021
08:00AM - 05:00PM
Clyde - Loch Striven - MTB and Highball
18 Sep 2021
Scapa and Orkney Trip
14 Aug 2021
24 Jul 2021
Weymouth with Tango
18 Jul 2021
Dive Leader Training Day
10 Jul 2021
Beach BBQ
27 Jun 2021
09:00AM -
Dive Leader Training Day
05 Jun 2021
June Clyde Trip